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Mission of United Hook & Ladder Company #33

The mission of United Hook & Ladder Company #33 shall be the preservation of life, protection of property and the prevention of additional harm to the environment to benefit our residents, businesses, and guests with compassion, integrity and respect.  This mission also includes the performance of other charitable acts and public service that may aid in the health and welfare of the people within our service area and the surrounding vicinity.

About United Hook & Ladder Co #33

The New Oxford and Abbottstown Fire Companies are proud to announce the formation of United Hook & Ladder Company #33. Over the past 85 years the members of New Oxford and Abbottstown have been working together at emergency incidents, public appearances, and training. The merging of the two departments was proposed and approved by the members of both departments as the best logic step in the evolution of the two departments. In 2015, talks of a merger with Bonneauville Community Fire Co. began and in June of 2015, both departments voted unanimously to merge together. As of January 1st, 2016, the Bonneauville Community Fire Co, became United Hook & Ladder Co #33 Station 33-3.

It is with great pride that we present the United Hook & Ladder Company #33. Many of our members' families have deep roots within these two fire departments, spanning back 100 years or more. We know that those before us would be proud of what we have accomplished for the safety and protection of the communities they started.

The merging of the two departments is truly about efficiency. The combined department allows a larger number of human resources to be available to the department and the purchasing of all items as one entity saves a considerable amount of money for the taxpayers.

While the Emergency Medical Services is provided by Adams Reginal Emergency Medical Services (AREMS), the fire operations still remain fully staffed by dedicated volunteers. We are proud to provide the cost-efficient service to the community.

Over the next few years you may see changes in the names and colors of the fire trucks, but rest assured that we are still the men and women that have been there for the community before. We are your neighbors and your friends. In the past few years the number of volunteers has declined significantly. Should you be interested in volunteering, please contact us. Whether you have interest in fighting fire or not doesn't matter. We are always in need of help for fundraising, event planning, financially as well as our Fire and EMS operations. We have many members that have never set foot on a firetruck and we are truly grateful for their dedication to the business side of the department and assuring its well-being.

For more information about the history of United Hook & Ladder Co #33, the Abbottstown Fire Co, the New Oxford Community Fire, or the Bonneauville Community Fire Co., please visit our History Page.

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